ARCHITECTURE: An Interactive Introduction Book and CD-ROM

The McGraw Hill Companies, Inc, with support form the National Endowment for the Arts and The Graham Foundation for the Advancement of Art and Architecture

Architecture: An Animated Introduction is a one hundred page book with accompanying CD-ROM which presents an overview of the Art, Science, and Profession of Architecture. Traditional information of text and photographs become digitally interactive with links to slide series, animations, and rollovers throughout chapters on history, structures, technology, materials, design, the profession, historic preservation, landscape, and interior architecture. Over one thousand slides, hundreds of drawings, sixty minutes of Quicktime, narration and music tell about the education and practice of architecture. The combined text and CD introduction serve as a general reference for the beginning student, the enthusiast, the architectural client, the public and the profession, and as an educational resource for school libraries. Architecture, best understood in person, is brought to life visually, historically, analytically, and experientially.