Linda and Mark Keane, STUDIO 1032, were part of a collaborative environmental planning team awarded an APA American Planning Association 2011 WI Planning Award for their contribution to Milwaukee's North East Side Plan . Between 2006 and 2009, Keanes worked with Solomon Cordwell Buenz (Chicago), Terry Guen Design Associates, Ltd, S.B. Friedman Associates, Milwaukee's Department of Community Development and residents of diverse neighborhoods from Riverworks and UWM on the north, Brewers Hill and Brady Street on the south, Bronzeville and King Drive on the west to the lakefront (Bradford Beach to Pier Wisconsin) on the east., STUDIO 1032 charretted strategies and ideas with seven different neighborhood groups over a two year period championing creation of a Milwaukee River overlay district, greening of key west-east gateway boulevards between 1_43 and the lakefront, transit corridor development north-south at Martin Luther King Boulevard and Oakland, introduction of green economy (inner-city SPIN plots for food production, service, and delivery) and infill green home designs for vacant lots, The ensuing discussions and debates created a blueprint for future development of the area and identified specific corridors and sites that could be undertaken to support that development. The plan provided policies based on shared values shaping the character of development for years to come with a framework for community partnership. The award recognizes Originality and Innovation, Transferability, Comprehensiveness, Public Participation, Effectiveness and Results.